Born in 1969, we opened our doors when the first man landed on the moon and have over 45 years of experience, making sure you are in the right hands.


We have stunning demonstration suites offering you the ability to hear the best home audio solutions available for you.


We have excellent relationships with the designers of many of the brands we support, meaning we can provide you with the most up to date equipment and knowledge to keep you ahead of the curve.

Hear The Music!Streaming HiFi Sound At Home

Introducing a clean, simple, powerful music listening experience from Unilet. Enjoy the future of music reproduction in your own home with a streaming solution. HiFi just became fun!

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  • Their friendly disposition, in my opinion, makes this independently run shop score heavily against the plethora of large Hi-Fi chains

  • They were brilliant, advising us wisely and with good prices. They made us laugh and didn’t mind making a second visit for what David calls a ‘tutorial’.

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