B&W P7 Over Ear Luxury Headphones

After the amazing success of the B&W P5 and the P3 headphones, B&W thought that they could offer an over ear headphone with exceptional levels of performance but still keep the headphone portable. Using a true driver technology the B&W P7 is a stunning headphone and outperforms many at the same price point.

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Musical Fidelity M6i Integrated Amplifier – Black

One of Unilet’s most popular products. Featuring 200 watts-per-channel from an integrated unit, this exquisitely built amplifier delivers dynamic power to obliterate most pre-power combinations. The M6i has the power and technical sophistication to drive any speaker with ease, sounding calm and unruffled as it moves from quiet musical moments to huge dynamic shifts.

  • Available in either Black
  • Massive 200 watts per channel


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PMC twenty.25 Series High Performance Loudspeakers

For over a decade, Unilet have had a strong partnership with PMC (both in and out of work hours). In all these years, their products have won countless awards but none more so than the twenty series. In our opinion, never has a single product range been met with such universal praise from critics and customers alike. As PMC say, “When you hear them, a want will turn into a need”.


From the twenty.25 21 bookshelf to the twenty.25 24 floorstander we will have some amazing deals available.


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Due to the nature of our Blue Murder Sale and the prices that we are able to offer, there may only be a limited quantity available at that special price.

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