Chord Hugo 2 Promotion

Chord Hugo 2 Promotion

  • November 19, 2018
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We are exited to inform our customers of a special limited-time Hugo 2 promotion between Chord Electronics and Chord Company

This offer has recently been extended and is now running until the end of November 2018.

Most of you know that Unilet Sound & Vision are one of the very few full-range, high-end official stockists of both the above audio companies. However you may not yet know that the excellent Chord Hugo 2 DAC, Preamp and Headphone Amp has recently won the 2018 Eisa Award, as well as gathering a whole batch of five-star reviews in What Hifi, AV Forums and more.

To celebrate, Chord Electronics are offering a FREE Chord Company Premium Interconnect (C-Lite Optical, Clearway RCA, Clearway RCA-to-Mini Jack, or Clearway BNC-to-Mini Jack) with every purchase of the Hugo 2 within the offer timeframe.

This is well worth having, as quality interconnects make a HUGE difference to any system, and will ensure the great output of your Hugo 2 is delivered properly down the signal chain.

Purchasers of the Hugo 2 will receive a unique voucher code with their unit, and may claim their free interconnect as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the unique code (as shown on your voucher)
  3. Input your details and Chord Company will despatch your cable directly.

Take advantage of this great offer while it lasts, and check back regularly for more audio offers at Unilet Sound & Vision.