PMC was founded in 1990 by Peter Thomas of the BBC and Adrian Loader of FWO Bauch. The combination of knowledge and a life-long passion for the music led to the production of PMC’s first product – the BB5-A – an active main studio monitor. This design was snapped up by BBC Maida Vale and Metropolis Mastering and remains the world’s reference, used by Stevie Wonder’s Wonderland Studio, Prince, Hospital HDTV Broadcast London and for renowned classical labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Decca and Harmonia Mundi.

PMC are one of the very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy® for their contribution to recording excellence. With film, it would be easier to list the blockbuster movies which did not use PMC during the process of music production and post, but titles include: Titanic, Die Another Day, Spiderman 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean and many more.

PMC reigns supreme throughout the leading mastering houses, broadcasters and much of the professional world.


PMC’s design philosophy is quite a simple one, to design the ideal loudspeaker solution with the highest resolution possible without colouration and distortion. This supreme level of resolution is derived through unequalled R&D into (ATL™) Advanced Transmission Line Loudspeaker design and drive unit technology.

We believe PMC are the ultimate in resolution and offer you the perfect insight into the music. With insurmountable amounts of detail and astonishing speed!

Unilet Sound and Vision are able to demonstrate the consumer range of PMC speakers at our London / Surrey showroom. Please contact us for further advice or a demonstration.

  • Wafer-2
  • TwoTwo6 Rear
    TwoTwo6 Rear
  • TwoTwo Series
    TwoTwo Series
  • Twenty5.Sub
  • Twenty5.Sub Rear
    Twenty5.Sub Rear
  • Twenty5.C Centre
    Twenty5.C Centre
  • Twenty5.26
  • Twenty5.24
  • Twenty5.23
  • Twenty5.23 Walnut
    Twenty5.23 Walnut
  • Twenty5.23 Terminals
    Twenty5.23 Terminals
  • Twenty5.23 Dark
    Twenty5.23 Dark
  • Twenty5.22 Shelf
    Twenty5.22 Shelf
  • Twenty5.22 Dark
    Twenty5.22 Dark
  • Twenty5.21
  • Twenty5.21 Living Room
    Twenty5.21 Living Room
  • MB2SE
  • Fact12
  • Fact10C
  • Fact10C Rear
    Fact10C Rear
  • Fact10C Mid
    Fact10C Mid
  • Fact8
  • DB1 Gold
    DB1 Gold

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