QUAD VA-One – Classic Hi-Fi For Modern Music Lovers

QUAD VA-One – Classic Hi-Fi For Modern Music Lovers

  • August 30, 2016
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Quad’s VA-One compact integrated valve amp is the perfect marriage of classic valve technology and modern digital convenience, including USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

With a footprint measuring just 18 x 33cm, the VA-One is conveniently compact for a stereo valve amp – sufficiently small to sit comfortably on a desk, table or shelf. Yet it packs in a wealth of high-performance audio technology: A hi-res DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) joins valve-based preamp and power amp circuits to deliver sumptuous sound quality from a multitude of playback devices – from smartphones and tables, to PCs and Macs, to hi-fi source components.


2e253b88-beb2-4f70-9516-0b4a8898b2ebBoth Analogue and decoded Digital sources are fed to the integrated valve amplifier which utilises an ECC83 high impedance triode as the preamplifier, feeding an ECC82 twin triode driver and phase splitter stage. The output stage uses 2 EL84 pentodes in push-pull to deliver 15W RMS per channel into nominal 6 Ohm loads (matching the majority of modern loudspeakers). As well as providing the musically transparent and immersive sound typical of classic valves, the performance is highly detailed without the unwanted coloration that you would often associate with inferior valve amplification thanks to the highly specified output transformers.


With a continued theme of convenience, a remote control is included for source select, Bluetooth pairing and volume control – operating the large motorised potentiometer on the front panel.  Also on the front panel are robust source select and Bluetooth pairing controls housed within a compact Lancaster Grey finished chassis – classically QUAD in styling.

The VA-One couples the elegance of valve topology with digital audio for an animated performance, on every device.

UK RRP £1299.95 – contact Unilet Sound & Vision vie email at sales@unilet.net or telephone 02089429567 for more information.